Welcome to One/West,

Your New Home for Connection.

NextLight Internet

The fastest in the nation gigabit internet, right to your computer.

Pristine Quality

Brand new Class A office space with mountain views and an elegant feel.

Access to the Right Resources

One/West provides direct access to economic development resources, workshops, and events.

An exceptional professional environment.

Shared Commons

Our open common space has a kitchen, coffee station, and places to have intimate one-on-one meetings in an elegantly designed area.

Elevated Meeting Spaces

Our mountain-facing board room, private office, and 75-person training room are some of the best spaces available on the market today.

Free & Abundant Parking

No need to worry about finding a parking spot at One/West between meetings or early in the day. We have you covered!

Powerful Community

Our members range from startup founders to real estate developers and everyone in between. One/West provides space and events for collaboration and meaningful networking.

One/West has many amenities, including:

  • Access during normal business hours (8am to 6pm)
  • Elegant desks, furnished by Caribou
  • Community kitchen and coffee
  • Shared community spaces for meetings
  • NextLight-powered Internet
  • Direct access to Longmont EDP Resources
  • Convenient access to business resource events and workshops
  • Free & abundant parking
  • Printing and copying services
  • Access to other Proximity Coworking spaces

Monthly members also get the following benefits:

  • Reservable private office for important meetings or phone calls
  • Reservable Class A Board Room with mountain views (for free!)
  • 20% discount on community training room for events or other activities

The Hot Desk: Your Home at One/West

All of our desks available at One/West are “hot desks.” This means first come, first serve each day!

We have a wide variety of seating and working options throughout the space, including tables and seating areas in our common space. In case all of the hot desks are occupied, there is still plenty of other places to work!

One/West is furnished by a local furniture startup, Caribou. They have provided beautiful, elegant desks for our space.

Our community training room is here for you.

With configurable furniture, our elegant community training room is a premier space for larger events and community sessions. This is an ideal space for organization meetings, public events, and pitch contests (among many other types of events)!

Multiple configurations are available:

  • Theater style (~75 people)
  • Classroom style (~40 people)
  • Board room style (~40 people)

Please use the link below to reserve the community training room on an hourly basis, or reach out to us at hello@1west.co to reserve the training room at half- or full-day rates.

Our Pricing

Quick and Easy

Day Pass

Just stopping in for the day? We’ve got you covered. This provides access to our entire space – including hot desks and our common area.

$20 / day


Most Popular

Monthly Member

Become a regular at One/West and get all additional perks: free reservable board room, reservable private office, and discounts on our training room.

$200 / mo


Host an Event

Training Room

Reserve our community training room today for your next event. Need a half-day or full-day rental? Please contact us for pricing. Longmont EDP Investors and One/West members receive discounts.

$75 / hour


Host a Meeting

Board Room

Reserve our board room with mountain views today for your next meeting. Longmont EDP investors receive discounts (and this is free to One/West monthly members!).

$50 / hour



What's the difference between a Day Pass and a Monthly Member?

Day Pass purchasers get access to our whole space for that day – our common space, kitchens, and hot desks if they are available. Day Pass members are unable to reserve the private office or board room in advance or for free. Day Pass members also do not receive discounts on our training room.

Monthly Members are able to drop-in whenever they please and also are able to reserve the private office and board room in advance for free. Monthly members also receive discounts on our training room.

Where is One/West?

One/West is hosted at the Advance Longmont Center at 1925 Pike Road, Suite 202, Longmont, CO 80501. You can find this same address in our footer.

Who hosts One/West?

One/West is powered by Longmont Economic Development Partnership, a public/private non-profit. One/West is hosted at the Advance Longmont Center, an innovative space designed by Longmont EDP to provide easy access to the right resources and knowledge. The Advance Longmont Center is launching in October 2019.

I'm not a member. Can I still reserve the training room or board room?

Yes, of course! You’ll pay standard rates for the training room and board room reservations. Click the “Reserve Now” links above to reserve each of the rooms (you’ll need to register to be able to reserve the room).

I'm an EDP Investor. How can I get my discount?

Please reach out to Morgan Smith (morgan@longmont.org) for the proper way to receive your discount.

Still more questions?

Great! Fill out the form below and we’ll in be in touch as soon as we can.